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As DCook sang: "When writing your history, I will always be a footnote, a warning sign of mistakes made..."

Bingo prompt-writing challenges participated in from June 2010 = 3.
Bingos actually made within bingo-scoring period = zero, FML.

However, I did subsequently get my act together and manage to post two amnesty blackouts and a bingo + 9 extras, frivolously and respectively entitled Endless Love, Shelter me, Comfort me, and The Sound of Worlds Colliding:

Historical: World War IIOther: ActorsAlternate History: Someone never diedAlternate History: Major historical event changedOther: Castaways
Other: Evil Goateed UniverseOther: AliensOther: Film
Fantasy & Supernatural: Witches and
Alternate History: Someone
died/didn’t come back
Fantasy & Supernatural: Author's ChoiceHistorical: Napoleonic EuropeFREE
Other: The Oldest Professions – Lawyers, hookers

Other: MutantsHistorical: Western
Historical: Ancient CivilizationsOther: CriminalsHistorical: World War IOther: High-schoolOther:
Fantasy & Supernatural: VampiresOther: DetectivesAlternate History: Author’s Choice - Someone said noFuture: Author's Choice – Magical Realism UtopiaOther: Police

I’ve never really been too stressed out about word count – it doesn’t necessarily bespeak quality, it just bespeaks long! – but I actually think my word count for 2010 may have come in at northward of 200k words, leaving aside the stories I wrote with [ profile] frackin_sweet. Which is quite a few more words than I expected...

Challenges I didn’t flake on: [ profile] au_bigbang's Anthemicronicon (~42k, with prequel | AU!sequel), [ profile] rpf_big_bang’s Labyrinth 2015 | Something Blue (~36k), and [ profile] ficforhope's Stand and Deliver (~30k with sequel).

I also wrote for the Cookleta roundtable (15k!) and another 10k for Ludacris kinkmeme and the TG. I, er, somehow made about 25k of mpreg, angsty, fighty and Marysue-y gift fic. Closing out the year, Yuletide clocked in at over11k, and I had around 24k in fandom Christmas challenges and DCook/Carrie fic. And that’s sans the non-DCook pairings, and the stupid unbetaed drabbles, of which I wrote an embarrassing sufficiency!

In conclusion: in 2010, I totally failed at short. Also, I betaed, received too many fic and art gifts, collaborated with [ profile] frackin_sweet and [ profile] clover71, and commissioned art from [ profile] flawlessnights, [ profile] ciudad and [ profile] imlikat. It was my first full year in fandom and an amazing honeymoon year. As some would have it, you never have that year again. ♥

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