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...As you walk on by, will you call my name?
When you walk away...

And so, regretfully, hiatus.

There's a truckload of work, and for some reason fandom isn't the frivolous happy fantasyspace it used to be? The damn music industry's a fickle, incomprehensible thing. And my well's dry, y'all; I recognize it's time to take a step back.

Pic courtesy of [ profile] otherbella and DCook's pink plaid shirt

I'm totally grateful for everything fandom's given me, and for all of you. I still care; I'll still be about these guys, and about you all - that won't change. I'll still be here, dancing, you know it, baby.

You need me -- for a listening ear, for views on holiday plans, for a quick consult or beta -- I'm just a PM away.

One fandom thing that's given me real pleasure these last few days: discussing our boy's new song with [profile] otherbella and [profile] princessleia04, and the new pictures, from which [personal profile] naughtiest made a poster for the hottest new cop show on the block - IDOLS5-0! Or something like that, anyway.

And the show where they're thugs? Here :)

I will check mails, likely lurk, and possibly surface in some shape or form when that sophomore record does. Until then, I hope you'll all treat each other kindly, and will stay in touch - look my way, call my name, don't walk on by.

And so: slow change may pull us apart - when the light gets into your heart... baby, don't you forget about me.
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