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Re-posting links to short stories hosted elsewhere!

From [ profile] carolion's Anthemic kinkmeme:

Prompt: Cook has sex with the Anthemic (separately) in one night without them knowing about each other.

This Lewd Morning
Dave/Kyle, Monty, Andy, Neal, sequentially. 1,400+ words.
[NC-17] for explicit sex, various possibly triggering kinks.
(Written pre-Dicklaration Tour, which explains its non-address of the Neal situation.)
Link to original fic


Five guys thrown together this loud tour: electric nights and sleepless mornings, days and towns and a changing sea of faces they burned through. Dave knew they were all reaching breaking point and were either going to come to blows, or to hookers and blow; whatever blew up it would be hugely ugly. He was their leader, it was his job to know everything about them.

It was his job to do something about it, too.

So. There were a couple of ways to manage things, but eventually he figured he'd pick the one that sounded like the most fun.

This night, it was much too quiet. Time to make some noise.


The kid's room was totally dark, the thick hotel curtains drawn to keep out the night.

Kyle himself was out cold, tossing restlessly in his sleep. Still newlywed, the deprivation of tour was hardest of all on him. When Dave pulled the covers back, he could see just how hard it had been.

No need to wake him. Kid was still young enough to get there in his dreams with a little help. And Dave intended to give him a lot of help.

He slid his hand into Kyle's boxers and and took hold of Kyle's dick. What do you know, one careful squeeze, another long-handed up-and-down, and there was enough precome to allow Dave to really get to work.

Kyle shifted on the bed, thighs spreading unconsciously under Dave's touch, but he didn't wake up. His eyelids twitched restlessly in REM sleep. Dave didn't want to know who he was dreaming about.

"Shh," Dave said, soothingly. "Sleep. I got you."

And he did, like he knew he always would. Kyle made a small groaning sound as he came; a shudder ran through his body like the staccato riff on his snare drum.

"Shh," Dave said again, and Kyle subsided into the pillows and was still.

Dave wiped his hand surreptitiously on the sheet and covered him up again. Kid needed his rest, after all, and now, thanks to Dave, he could.


Not as lucky in Monty's room. Dude slept with all the lights on, which was a good thing because otherwise Dave would've tripped over the mess of shoes and clothes and two guitars and other random crap on the hotel room floor.

Not such a good thing, though, because when Dave finally made it to Monty's bed, he was sniffing the air and taking names.

"Who, what, how did you - ?"

Dave made an executive decision, and put his hand on Monty's bare chest so he couldn't sit up. "Too many questions. I'm the boss, front desk gives me the spare keys. Also, the boss knows what's good for you."

Clearly Monty wasn't at his best when he'd just woken up, because he tried to say, "What," again when it should be obvious what Dave was doing.

"Shut up and enjoy," Dave tried to say around a mouthful of dick, which was how he discovered his bassist liked it rough.

Well, that got the questions to stop, though Monty didn't shut up, exactly. He groaned when Dave experimented with a scrape of teeth, with little biting kisses and a wringing squeeze, and when Dave rubbed his beard against Monty's thigh he made a high-pitched helpless noise Dave hadn't ever heard him make before.

"Fuck, Dave, I'm gonna -- "

Obligingly Dave sucked it all down. Guy sucked it up for him on stage every night, it was the least he could do.

"Fuck," said Monty, finally. He slumped bonelessly against the sheets and a couple of t-shirts and an empty can of beer. "You're the best boss ever."

"Yeah, don't forget that," Dave teased him and got up. He had to pace himself, the night was still young, and miles to go before morning.


Dave let himself into Andy's room and saw his guitarist jacking off in the moonlight. Man, not a moment too soon.

"Shove over, Skib," he said and went over there, purposefully, to replace Andy's hand with his own.

Andy liked to kiss; slow and sweet and deep, letting his lover set the pace. Jennie was a lucky girl, maybe she'd be up for a threesome with Dave some day. But that hypothetical day wasn't this moonlit night, in Andy's arms, Andy's bed.

"How come I get lucky tonight?" Andy wanted to know, between kisses and increasingly urgent pulls of Dave's wrist.

"You miss your girlfriend," Dave muttered, sucking on Andy's lower lip. "And I need a functioning guitar player. So this is, like, health insurance."

"Shit," Andy said breathlessly. "Is everybody on the same plan? The premiums gotta be killer."

"Don't be jealous," Dave said, smugly. "And I get to enjoy the payout. Now turn over, I remember how you like it."

He did, actually; also remembered Andy saying he liked Jennie to wear a strap-on in bed.

There were lube and condoms in a drawer, and, not a surprise, a dildo that happened to be the same shape and size as Dave.

"Coincidence?" Dave asked as he deployed the dildo for its intended purpose.

"Don't think too much," Andy panted, rocking back, stretching for him. "Need you to take care of things, c'mon, don't make me beg."

"So demanding," Dave said, but with Andy sweat-slick and opening easily under him, he couldn't not comply. Damn, that felt too good. "Take care of things like this?"

"Yeah," Andy said, muffled against the sheets. "Like that, c'mon," and Dave angled his hips in the way he remembered, too. Andy struggled and swore and Dave did his best to fuck him into the mattress, and, what do you know, it seems there was begging after all.

"You're welcome," Dave whispered, finally taking pity on him and taking him in hand; Andy groaned so loudly Dave was willing to bet he woke everyone on this goddamn floor.

Came all over the bed, too, inconsiderately. Dave made a mental note to leave a big tip for housekeeping tomorrow.

Still, it was impossible to resist an armful of smiling, post-orgasmic guitarist -- Dave found himself cuddling back, and not caring that he was lying in the wet spot. Hell, the whole bed was a wet spot.

"Need me to take care of you?" Andy murmured, eventually, but he was fading even as he spoke.

Which was a good thing, since Dave could cuddle for some minutes more without anyone seeing, and could watch Andy, totally unguarded in sleep.


By this time, Dave was pretty tired, but his work was not yet done. He had one more stop to make on this increasingly loud night.

Neal was still awake. Sitting in bed, naked, Ray Bradbury paperback at crotch-level. He raised his eyebrows at Dave's stage-left entrance, entirely unsurprised: he'd always had an uncanny knack of reading Dave's rhythms. The reading night-light slid across the red and green ink on his skin, highlighting his Star Trek tattoo.

"What kept you?"

Dave leaned against the doorframe. "Had to take care of some business first."

Neal put his book aside. "Don't need to tell me," he said, mildly. "I know you know best."

"I learned from the best," Dave said as he walked over.He walked over, slowly, putting on a show, coming to a stop at Neal’s bedside. "Permission to come aboard?"

"Forgetting something?" Neal enquired, casually drawing back the covers.

Dave smiled; he'd saved the best for last.

"Never, Sir," he said, and got in.


The morning was quiet. Bright sunshine streamed in through the windows of Dave's suite. Five guys, spent and smiling, sprawled across the breakfast table in various states of undress, making vague attempts to eat.

The room smelled of coffee and bacon and sex, and it was the best smell in the world.

"Pass the salt, asshole," murmured Neal eventually, to nobody in particular. He'd forgotten to put his lip rings back in, and his lower lip was swollen from much use.

Andy said, dreamily, "Can't get up."

"Yeah, me too," said Monty. He was wearing sweats that covered all visible bite marks, really awesome sex hair, and a dazed grin.

Kyle had gone back to sleep. Neal patted him absently as he snored beside his plate of scrambled eggs.

Dave smiled at the sight. He loved how loud his boys had gotten last night. But this quiet morning? Was absolutely the best reward.


Also, remixed commentfic for the [ profile] cookleta fic train!

Prompt: Hilarifyingly awkward first time sex.
First Time
Cook/Archuleta, R, 1,000+ words.
Archie POV remix of All Through the House.

People say the first time's never the best. People think David lives under a rock, too, but he’s not deaf, he totally hears things.

Date: 2011-12-15 06:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HI, OMG, THIS IS AWESOME. It's so HOT but it's also so SWEET, and matter-of-fact and DEEPLY affectionate all at the same time. I love Dave's big-brother attitude toward Kyle, awww, AWWWWWW, and the experimental approach with Monty, and the obvious history with Andy (mmmmmm) and then the casual heat of the well-established relationship with Neal. YUM. And then the group post-coital laziness the next morning? EEEEE. SO GOOD.

Fabulous, bb. ♥ (And this is technically an MCR icon but it's too perfect so I'm using it anyway. :D )

Date: 2011-12-15 11:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha, omg, I totally dig your LOUD MCR icon!

And am so thrilled this worked for you! I think I set out to make /Dcook: Asshole/ as vaguely anticipated by the prompt, but it got derailed by /Dcook: Well-Meaning Slutty Boss/, who just wants the best for his boys and to Make Everything Better With Sex. :)))

Date: 2011-12-17 10:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think I commented on this already when you originally posted it at the meme. But I still adore it. It's nothing like I expected the prompt would turn out to be (it was my prompt :D) but it's gorgeous and just right. Your ability to turn something supposedly filthy into something totally adorable and still sexy as hell is one of the reasons why I adore your writing. Excellent job, bb. <3

Date: 2011-12-17 07:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I do remember you commenting on the meme, but not that you were the original prompter! Awesome, bb, glad this worked for you <3 <3 <3


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