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Perpetually behind on everything, so it stands to reason I'm doing this 2011 Fic Recap in February 2012! Stolen from, like, everyone.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2011?

I did think I'd be writing in U2 fandom, thanks to the Concert That Rocked 360 Degrees, so that wasn't a surprise, but I didn't think I'd write a threesome in Guy Gavriel Kay fandom, so thanks, [ profile] lareinenoire :) I also didn't think I'd be writing breath control play, and it's all [ profile] fieryrogue's fault.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

I think 2011 felt like The Year of Risks. I dipped my toe in other fandoms: Inception/Inception RPF, U2 RPF, Duran Duran RPF, Lions of Al-Rassan. I wrote more kink - magic realism mpreg and strippers as well as breath-play. I wrote some explicit het! (I also wrote [ profile] paitac some ridiculous Justin Bieber self-insert fic...)

Various 2011 fic-related histories )

Choice Lines:

From Three Lions: There was nothing fraternal in the way ibn Khairan followed his hand with his lips, and Jehane bet Ishak slid from his lap into Belmonte's and put her physician's fingers into his hair and her cool mouth against his, and Rodrigo closed his arms around them both as if they might yet hold off the dark for a while, all three of them.

From The Grass Won't Pay No Mind: She's calling out to him, words he can't hear but can feel against his collarbone, his skin, the ink on his skin.

From Four Dreams: He sees the boy called Neil as a palimpsest over the adult Arthur - how Arthur has never shown more than an eyelid's flicker of desire, or moved in this loping, hip-swaying, provocative way. How Eames has never seen the bare, vulnerable flesh under the sharp grey tweed. But now Eames sees those things are there inside Arthur, just below the mysterious surface of this skin.

From Sew It Up: Edge paused by the threshold of their room, where the grey morning heralded storms up ahead, and more if they didn’t navigate this small, true thing very carefully.

“Go,” Edge said, and Bono sighed.

From In the Alleyway: Angel danced like Arch sang, free and unashamed, a million miles away from the teenager who'd taken his first dance lessons with Paula Abdul. As Arch took center stage, he wondered if Paula would approve of Angel's technique. He kind of thought she might, if the shock didn't kill her first.

From The Adventures of the Boy David and Captain Cook: The story said he was the boy who'd never grow up. The story said the Captain would always be his hated nemesis. But the story can't be true forever. Boys grow up, they become men, they fall in love, and love is just hate in reverse.

From Counting Down To Zero: Cook runs his fingers along David's cheekbone. The new scar on his wrist from where his TiMER was removed is raised and red and itches like crazy, but he knows he did the right thing.

He doesn't need a piece of clockwork to tell him what he already knows is true.
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A pinch-hit for my darling [ profile] maerhys, for [ profile] cookleta_hols 2011.

Per request: one very canony non-AU Christmas story with an Idol summer tour scene, multiple outsider points of view and Michael Johns Idol tour POV, copious amounts of time-travel, a terror/horror scene, family, friends, and bandmates as side characters, press speculation after the reveal of what was said after Cook was announced the winner, general angst with a happy ending, true love/soulmate tropes, and Jeff Archuleta as an obstacle to Cookleta ;)

(Also known as:)

This Loud Christmas Carol
Cook/Archuleta, R, 12,000+ words. Beta by [ profile] lire_casander.
Warnings for recreational drug use, language, various ghosts, one zombie, time traveling, religious angst and sexual content.
Three ghosts visit David Cook in the run-up to Christmas Day.

On LJ | On AO3
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Anything Your Heart Desires
(When You Wish Upon a Star)

Cook/Archuleta, PG-13, 2,000+ words
Hundreds of thousands of stores across the known worlds and absolutely nothing to buy.
Written with my dearest [ profile] frackin_sweet. Beta by [ profile] rajkumari905.
Written for [ profile] domesticbingo’s prompt “gift shopping”.
For [ profile] aohatsu, the awesome remixer of Somewhere Out There. Thank you for your remix, hon. A belated Merry Christmas, and may 2012 bring you the gift of your heart’s desires.
Not for profit work of fiction.

When you wish upon a star, anything your heart desires will come to you )
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Re-posting links to short stories hosted elsewhere!

From [ profile] carolion's Anthemic kinkmeme:

Prompt: Cook has sex with the Anthemic (separately) in one night without them knowing about each other.

This Lewd Morning
Dave/Kyle, Monty, Andy, Neal, sequentially. 1,400+ words.
[NC-17] for explicit sex, various possibly triggering kinks.
(Written pre-Dicklaration Tour, which explains its non-address of the Neal situation.)
Link to original fic

This night was much too quiet. Time to make some noise. )


Also, remixed commentfic for the [ profile] cookleta fic train!

Prompt: Hilarifyingly awkward first time sex.
First Time
Cook/Archuleta, R, 1,000+ words.
Archie POV remix of All Through the House.

People say the first time's never the best. People think David lives under a rock, too, but he’s not deaf, he totally hears things.
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Thank you to [ profile] aohatsu and [ profile] soverignthorn for their hard work on the [ profile] disneycookleta challenge. So many lovely Disney AU stories, do head on over to the challenge comm to check them out!

Herewith my darker, conflicted take on Peter Pan the movie.

The Adventures of the Boy David and Captain Cook: The Real Story (as narrated by Wendy C., 13-and-a-half)

Cook/Archuleta, 18,000+ words, betas [ profile] random00b & [ profile] maerhys
PG-13 for nudity, violence, underage sexual situations (non-explicit), language
This has all happened before, and will all happen again.
Not for profit work of fiction. Please refer to in-story detailed disclaimer.

On LJ | On AO3
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Finally, for [ profile] lareinenoire, and her threesome prompt.

Three Lions
Jehane/Rodrigo/Ammar, [R], 3,000+ words
Beta by [ profile] lindensphinx and [ profile] carmentalis
There were three of them, three lions, who had loved each other in Al-Rassan before the sun set.
Not for profit fictional work.

Over at AO3.

There were three; it was fitting that there were three. )
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For [ profile] maerhys, who’s had a birthday, and a hard time lately, and with whom I offered to collaborate on a Neal/all the women multi-chaptered story. I wanted to make this filthy and stylish, bb, as your Neal!het is, but somehow this song had other ideas. I don’t know either, but I hope this made you smile a little :)

this time it is our time
Neal Tiemann/OFC, 1,150+ words, unbetaed.
Neal is flying. Explicit.

Not for profit fiction, no breach of privacy nor intellectual property rights intended. Title from Neil Diamond's And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind

...and the grass won't pay no mind )
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’Til the Lines Blur
Cook/Archuleta, explicit, 4,800 words.
Thoughtful, helpful beta by [ profile] sir_yessir and [ profile] frackin_sweet.
Dave makes Archie lose his breath.

Written to spec for [ profile] fieryrogue, for her long-ago [ profile] cookleta graphic challenge win, because this apparently hits all her kinks. Also, happy belated birthday, babe; I always lose my breath around you. ♥

Belt bondage, breath control play, don’t try this at home. Please read full A/N and disclaimer below. Not for profit work of fiction.

It’s not gonna save me from holding my breath ‘til the lines blur )
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From [ profile] celli, whose answer to the world markets going apeshit is, apparently, to spread the fannish love ♥.

The first six people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Prompts would help. As you know, I not-so-secretly dig Marysueing, and will write character/you :)

ETA: To feed my Marysueing ways, the following kind people who played this meme with me wrote me the following:
* [ profile] paitac's hot Suits!AU Give It A Minute It's Gone, [Charles Xavier/me/her], teen;
* [ profile] aohatsu's adorable Harry Potter!AU Severus Snape/me; [Sirius/Remus], [Remus/her], teen; and
* [ profile] maerhys's flagrant, delicious suns snagged on empire states, [NealFingTiemann/me], explicit :)))
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After months of lurking and flailing, here I am with some U2slash! All feedback gratefully appreciated. Many thanks to enthusiastic, patient betas & consultant.

Sew it up
(but you can still see the tear)

B/E, adult, 1,700 words. Joshua Tree/Best Of-era.
Beta by [ profile] leici and [ profile] inklingfair. Language and geography consult by ex-Dubliner [ profile] duckgirlie. Over at AO3.

...This is a blind kind of love/The sweetest thing )
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Now [ profile] calledmelovely Cookleta remix challenge reveals are up, I wanted to try my hand at making a DVD commentary of Counting Down to Zero for [ profile] soverignthorn.

I’ve seen this kind of thing done really well before, and thought Kayla might enjoy seeing how (and which parts of) her original story Countdown inspired my remix; also that maybe my process might help someone else with remixing for Round 2?

(And, ngl, I hope my fellow remixers might indulge in DVD commentary also, because I would love to see their process as well! ETA: Okay, I think I sold [ profile] aohatsu on doing this! \\\o///)

[Spoilers, obviously, are inherent in any DVD commentary, so caveat lector XD.]

Behind the Countdown… )
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As DCook sang: "When writing your history, I will always be a footnote, a warning sign of mistakes made..."

Bingo prompt-writing challenges participated in from June 2010 = 3.
Bingos actually made within bingo-scoring period = zero, FML.

However, I did subsequently get my act together and manage to post two amnesty blackouts and a bingo + 9 extras, frivolously and respectively entitled Endless Love, Shelter me, Comfort me, and The Sound of Worlds Colliding:

Historical: World War IIOther: ActorsAlternate History: Someone never diedAlternate History: Major historical event changedOther: Castaways
Other: Evil Goateed UniverseOther: AliensOther: Film
Fantasy & Supernatural: Witches and
Alternate History: Someone
died/didn’t come back
Fantasy & Supernatural: Author's ChoiceHistorical: Napoleonic EuropeFREE
Other: The Oldest Professions – Lawyers, hookers

Other: MutantsHistorical: Western
Historical: Ancient CivilizationsOther: CriminalsHistorical: World War IOther: High-schoolOther:
Fantasy & Supernatural: VampiresOther: DetectivesAlternate History: Author’s Choice - Someone said noFuture: Author's Choice – Magical Realism UtopiaOther: Police

I’ve never really been too stressed out about word count – it doesn’t necessarily bespeak quality, it just bespeaks long! – but I actually think my word count for 2010 may have come in at northward of 200k words, leaving aside the stories I wrote with [ profile] frackin_sweet. Which is quite a few more words than I expected...

Challenges I didn’t flake on... )

In conclusion: in 2010, I totally failed at short. Also, I betaed, received too many fic and art gifts, collaborated with [ profile] frackin_sweet and [ profile] clover71, and commissioned art from [ profile] flawlessnights, [ profile] ciudad and [ profile] imlikat. It was my first full year in fandom and an amazing honeymoon year. As some would have it, you never have that year again. ♥

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Here I am, finally throwing my strangely-shaped hat into the large and illustrious Inception ring.

Title: Four Dreams
Beta: [ profile] frackin_sweet
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Cobb/Tom Hardy as Handsome Bob, Eames/JGL as Neil McCormack, Arthur/Ellen Page, Ariadne/Leonardo diCaprio; Saito/Cobb if you squint sideways
Warnings: Language, some violence, zombie apocalypse, crossovers
Summary: The team experiments with a new mix, which peels back a corner of the silver screen for four of them. Actors!AU, written for [ profile] au_bingo.
Disclaimer: Not for profit work of fiction. No libel, privacy or intellectual property infringements intended. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc, are the property of their respective owners, whether RPs or relevant media franchise. Plot and bizarro premise belongs to me.

Four Dreams, various pairings, 6,000+ words

The agenda for today is a dry run of the maze built for the Pinnacle project. Cobb has planned a quick walk-through of Ariadne's new dreamscape: in and out in an hour and a half in dreamtime. )

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Don't mind me, I'm just archiving links to older fic. This should actually be part of the Holiday Hangover series, but I can't be arsed to go back in time to 2010 again. Not that 2011 has been that fantastic, and I don't want to talk about it atm, but I am bitter today.

A collection of stories for [community profile] hc_bingo and [profile] schmoop_bingo - originally posted to the Tulsa Gangstas Advent Calendar 2010 and Cookleta roundtable.

Dinner for Three
Neal/Andy, [R], cumulative 3,200+ words. Betaed by [ profile] otherbella.
Three times Neal and Andy share a meal. Hunger, cop/criminal AU, erotic feeding, bloodplay, vampires.

On the docks of the South Side )At the Waldorf-Astoria )Inside the fortified Celtic garrison )

Running Through Your Bones (it's easy when you know how)
Dave/Neal, [R], cuddling in vehicle
Dave's totally wiped from the show. He feels strung out from adrenaline, somehow like he doesn't quite inhabit his skull. )

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Holiday Hangover Thing the Seventh: moar fic!

[ profile] clover71 made this lovely banner for the mpreg story I wrote for her in June, And Spring Became the Summer, and I'm woefully late in thanking her for her efforts! I have to say I'm kind of thrilled at the recent rash of mpreg in this fandom, and am unexpectedly excited about contributing this final chapter to that effort. This was originally intended as Christmas fic, but better late than never - Clover, I hope you enjoy!

Beta thanks to my dear [ profile] bethbetter and indispensible [ profile] cincodemaygirl, the latter of whom fortunately convinced me to spare you my squicky fertility metaphors! Warnings for magic realism pregnancy sex, wanton fire horse imagery, and birth.

And Spring Became the Summer | Between the Summer and the Fall | Fire in the Winter

Fire In the Winter
Cook/Archuleta, [NC-17], for magic realism pregnancy, sex and birth, 4,300+ words
After fall, it was time for the winter, and for their child to be born.
Not for profit fictional work. Title and lyrics from “Longer”, copyright Dan Fogelberg, as sung by Arch on Idol

I'll bring fire in the winter, we'll fly through falls and the summers with love on our wings... )

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Holiday Overdue Thing the Fourth: American Idol Season 7 fandom exchange fic!

This year I wrote two, for [ profile] cookleta_hols and [ profile] cookleta_etc's 2010 holiday exchanges, and received two in turn!

These are the ones I made:

lower than the angels, for [ profile] musicboxgirl
Betas [ profile] sophie448 and [ profile] x_heterophobic
Cook/Archuleta, Archie/OMC, [NC-17] for angst, homophobia, religious themes, supporting character death, 7,000+ words. David knew angels watched over him. One angel, in particular. Wingfic, de-aged ageswap.

Worlds of Chances for [ profile] summerstorm
Betas [ profile] empressearwig and [ profile] foxtoast
David Cook/Carrie Underwood, Michael Johns/Carly Smithson; [R] for brief references to sex toys, 9,000+ words. Lawyer, escort, undercover detectives!AUs.

write me goodbye )call me someday/breaking me slowly )fallen off the edge again )chances you’re burning through )

And these were the awesome ones I received:

And So This is Christmas, by [ profile] fieryrogue
Cook/Archie, [PG], 3,000+ words. Sometimes it's a "hurry up and wait" kind of day.

The Davids in an airport at Christmas. Schmoop and guitars and realism, three of my favorite things. ♥ ♥ ♥

at twice the speed (of you and me), by [ profile] summerstorm
David Cook/Carrie Underwood, [R], 7,000+ words
"You're thinking too hard," David says beside her. They're waiting backstage for their cue to come out; he's supposed to introduce her, and she's supposed to go out there, perform, and then kiss him in front of the entire audience. Kiss him on the mouth. And make it look like an accident.

This is the perfect fake-dating Cookwood fic, and clearly Lix and I were channelling each other's Cookwood stories, down to our means of disposal of a certain Mr. Fisher, which thrills me to no end! And her Carrie voice is just to die for ♥

Bonus awesome Marysue ficlet by [ profile] epicflailer,
Joe Gordon-Levitt/me, [PG]. Joe takes Jay to "A Little Night Music".

There's just no excuse for me asking Nat to make me JGL/me Marysuefic, but Nat decided to indulge me, as it was Christmas. FLAILINGPICSPAMNESS ENSUES.

THANK YOU GUYS! I'm sorry I've been so remiss in my pimping; I hope you know how much I adore these stories, and you!

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Holiday Hangover Thing the Second: Yuletide, the time of greatest mirth and joyance among men, and also the time for writers to exchange fanfic gifts in rare fandoms (ranging from Goodnight Moon to Top Gear RPF to Terry Pratchett's Discworld) hosted on the Archive of Our Own. This was my first year participating, and I have [ profile] cincodemaygirl to thank for holding my hand and speaking very slowly and calmly when she talked me through the rules and offering and requesting and whatnot.

I might have been initially intimidated, but I had the best experience! I requested stories in Guy Gavriel Kay's Sarantine Mosiac and Lions of Al-Rassan fandoms, vintage Battlestar Galactica, and Gabriel Knight adventure game.

And I received the most incredible story:
What Lies in Books, by prolific profic writer russian_blue
Gabriel/Grace, Gabriel/von Glower, [Mature], 4,064 words.

This was the Gabriel Knight story I most desired when I signed up for Yuletide 2010, a story that discussed the relationship between Gabe and his nearest and dearest, that let us see how far Gabe had come, post-The Beast Within while staying true to his canon self. It has everything I loved about the game: a historical setting, an intricate plot that was the perfect framework to explore Gabe's hopes for Grace, his desires for Friedrich and the darkness within, and, at the heart of it, his own strengths and weaknesses. Oh, and cameo by Silvio Berlusconi :)

The reason didn't matter, only the result. He was learning to control it. Bit by bit, starting with the medallion, until he could touch it without screaming, as Friedrich had done. There had to be truth in the hunting club's philosophy, the notion that the beast within could be a source of strength. That he could master it, and not become a monster.

...Gabriel forced his lips into a smile. Ludwig had done it, the pansy-ass bastard, at least for a while; a Schattenjäger could surely do better.

In another corner of Yuletide, I wrote this Cook/Archie friendship fic:
Fairytales Can Come True, It Could Happen To You for [ profile] poppetawoppet
David Archuleta, David Cook, [Gen], various pairings, [PG-13], 11,110 words.
Davids Archuleta and Cook go to extremes with impossible schemes: life's more exciting for them with each passing day, with love either in their hearts, or - thanks to their own judicious plotting - on its way. All-singing, all-dating, multiple pairings, crossover with Country Music RPF and Kris Allen Band.

And I also wandered out to Bruce Springsteen fandom, to make this:
Cars & Girls for [personal profile] twistedchick
From Springsteen's Born to Run (album), various pairings, [PG-13], 767 words.
Life's a highway: these two lanes can take us anywhere. Three stories about cars and girls.

Sending much love to my Yulegoat, my gracious recipients and betas [ profile] frackin_sweet, [ profile] cincodemaygirl and [ profile] likeadeuce!

Various other amazing Yuletide stories which I think my non-Yuletiding f-listers might enjoy: Hunger Games, Discworld, Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Pundit RPF, Kris Allen Band )

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Finally getting down to holiday commitments. Thing the First: happy holidays, [ profile] bethbetter! I hope you like this, and forgive my dancing metaphors! Title and text reflect lyrics from, well, you know the song.

And she dances on the sand
John Taylor/OFC, PG-13, 1,100+ words
Not for profit. Total fiction.


Image copyright Getty Images, 1983

She was born to the islands, to sun and sand and the wide ocean. She'd grow up to live in the city, amongst buildings and books, but the islands would never leave her heart. )
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For [ profile] james_padfoot, from the [ profile] cookleta roundtable:

Anthemicronicon: The Age of Conflict
Skib/Tiemann, Cook/Archuleta, [PG-13 for violence], 4,000+ words.

Character bookmarks by my amazing [ profile] au_bigbang collaborator, [ profile] clover71.

Alternate ending to Edwardian steampunk A.I./H.P. Lovecraft crossover [ profile] au_bigbang story, Anthemicronicon: Book of the Ages. Old fashioned medical treatment, Alternate History: Major Historical Event Changed.

Betaed by fount-of-Skibmann knowledge [ profile] celtic_fish; consult by my redoubtable [ profile] frackin_sweet
Not for profit work of fiction. Original sources and full disclaimer here.

The Age of Conflict

Andrew Skib, Third of the Anthemic, crossed the courtyard of House Nineteen at a rapid clip. Under his arm he bore the morning's copy of the York City Times with its alarming headlines. )

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A year ago, someone wrote me a comment that rebooted my world. Six months ago, someone wrote me a story which I treasured more that diamonds and pearls and cute little Pokemans. It’s my turn, now. [ profile] frackin_sweet: thank you for “Wheels”, for Lily, for the gift of your friendship. The age you are, every year? Is the perfect age for you. ♥.

Also for my [ profile] quack - I hope you have the best day, sweetness.

There’s Another Round for You
Neal Tiemann/Lin Palmer, [PG-13]. Prequel to Wishing That Such Heights Were Lower.
Amazing, insightful betas [ profile] imlikat & [ profile] otherbella. 3,000+ words.
Life on the road makes it hard to hold on to anything - but there might just be another round for two like-minded souls.
For [community profile] hc_bingo and [profile] schmoop_bingo : burns, cuddling by the fireside

Not for profit work of fiction. Neal Tiemann and David Cook belong to themselves; no libel or privacy violations intended. OFC and other AIRN characters belong to me. Title is from "Wheels", by the Foo Fighters, 2009. Fair use asserted. “Well I wanted something better; I wished for something new/Yeah, I wanted something beautiful, I wished for something true...
When the wheels come down (When the wheels come down)/When the wheels touch ground (When the wheels touch ground)/And you feel like it's all over/There's another round for you.”

Four months later, in Sao Paolo, she watched something else catch fire. )

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