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From [ profile] celli, whose answer to the world markets going apeshit is, apparently, to spread the fannish love ♥.

The first six people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Prompts would help. As you know, I not-so-secretly dig Marysueing, and will write character/you :)

ETA: To feed my Marysueing ways, the following kind people who played this meme with me wrote me the following:
* [ profile] paitac's hot Suits!AU Give It A Minute It's Gone, [Charles Xavier/me/her], teen;
* [ profile] aohatsu's adorable Harry Potter!AU Severus Snape/me; [Sirius/Remus], [Remus/her], teen; and
* [ profile] maerhys's flagrant, delicious suns snagged on empire states, [NealFingTiemann/me], explicit :)))
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You made a pact, you dropped the act, you focused on what you could attract...

Meh, I'm feeling somewhat written out - I am working on a wedding story (a separate story
from the one on which I'm collaborating with the fabulous [ profile] frackin_sweet), and it's not going too well - and I want to start on this cracky R possibly-canon, possibly-AU bordello fic, and my guitars-by-gaslight AUbigbang, but I have just no impetus.

And I'm in Court this afternoon, WOE.

As a way of importuning the Muses, I thought I might try the drabbular method recently employed by [ profile] timeisgone, [ profile] kissesblow, [ profile] orochi_kitty and [ profile] otherbella.

Hundred word drabbles, snatches of story, any Cook, Anthemic, AIS7 pairing; crossovers with X-Men, BtVS/AtS, Discworld, Holmes, The Law. I think I have a tiny legalesque Cook/Ryan Seacrest somewhere! I'll even write you self-insert (of you). Leave me a prompt (word, song, whatever) and rating. Will turn around fast, so as to importune quickly XD

Gorgeous pic from the insanely talented [ profile] ciudad, used with permission.


* Cook/Arch/Andrew - If I Told You, extract [R/NC-17], post Long Way Down, for [ profile] orochi_kitty
* Cook/Arch - The Leaf Crown [PG]: Cook gets Walt Whitman-esque with Archie, for [ profile] kissesblow
* Cook/Arch - The Reichenbach Faultline [PG], extract: Holmes!Cookleta AU [ profile] gracelessheart
* Cook/Arch - Offerings to Polyhymnia, [PG-13/R]: Arch is Cook's demanding Muse of Song, for [ profile] lacedsarcasm
* Cook/Arch - Eagle's Wings [PG-13]: Greek mythology professor Cook and student Archie, for [ profile] paitac
* Cook/Arch - Need You Now: [PG-13] from AIRNverse, for [ profile] honeybeemmw and [ profile] otherbella
* Logan/Archie - Spaceship [PG], X-Men Cookleta cross-over, post United, We Stand for [ profile] starafar
* Neal/Archie - Interlude [PG], Iberian historical fantasyverse/self-insert, post Inkspell, for [ profile] mellowdee
* Andy/Neal - His Most Perfect Day [PG]: It's Neal's birthday; Andy wants things to be perfect, for [ profile] celtic_fish
* Cook/Kara DioGuardi - Judging David 1 [PG-13/R], 2 [R/NC-17]: Bikini Girl, who?, for [ profile] chemicalwonder
* Cook/Kelly Clarkson - Poison and Wine [R]: the Civil Wars, for [ profile] lilac_girl84 and [ profile] micheleeeex
* Cook/Cowell - Spin [PG-13]: Simon learns to play Spin the Bottle, for [ profile] amccoy1972 and [ profile] cincodemaygirl

ETA: Cook/Ryan Seacrest - (Matt Giraud v AIEight Corp, PDRC First Mention, xxx of 2009) [PG]: Ryan can't take his eyes off illegally-attractive plaintiffs' counsel Cook, for [ profile] goseaward at [ profile] idolmeta, archiving this
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…So many lessons to learn...?

This is the clarifying LJ meme, which everyone else (most recently, um, [ profile] epicflailer?) has done. I am doing this at the insistence of [ profile] fakeplasticsnow, who has since clarified her name is “Fake Plastic Snow” (from the Radiohead song, and the title of her favorite Ugly Betty episode), as opposed to “Fake Plastics Now” (a homage to fake resins, nylons and other polymers, or a slogan for the same). Good to know that, bb.

My username: Jehane18. Jehane is the female protagonist from The Lions of Al-Rassan, a historical fantasy novel by Guy Gavriel Kay set in Moorish Spain. I loved this beautifully written book, and I identified so much with Jehane: smart, principled and passionate. Read an extract here.

My profile name:International Woman of Mystery! This ass-kicking persona was born one day when we decided to form a superspy group, the Girls of Ultimate Hotness (“GoUH”). The other GoUH members were [ profile] lire_casander’s persona Sarcastic Journalist from Heck, and [ profile] motherendurance, the Fabulous Girl Sleuth. We’re still taking members, so feel free to pick a superspy persona and sign up ;)

My journal title: Grounded Here With You. From “Be My Downfall”, by the awesome, ageless Del Amitri.

“Be my downfall be my sweet regret
Be the one thing that I'd never forget
Be my undoing, be my slow road to ruin, tonight

Well, the bus is pulling out, and I’m grounded here with you
And I want to say the sweet things babe I always wanted to
So tell me now the tail-lights have gone out of sight
Baby won’t you be my downfall once again tonight”

This was the song which played when I fell in love with Hub, and will always be the song of my heart, and when I heard it sung to me by the phenomenal [ profile] frackin_sweet in her epic story “Patron Saints”, I knew somehow that she density. ILUBB ♥!

Original song here, circa 1992; and then again, the boys older, wiser, more full of time, a decade or so on. New version includes a lovely version of "Drowned on Dry Land".

When your world is full of strangers, when your nights are dark and dangerous,
there's a place where you can hang and just let it go.
When your eyes see only sorrow, and your life seems somehow borrowed,
and those long promised tomorrows never show.

Well, come on down we're waiting for you;
We got a special evening planned.
We're gonna push the boat out or you might get drowned on dry land.

My journal subtitle: ...though we share the same city, and feel the same sun.... Another Del Amitri song, "Always the Last To Know" “Though we share the same city, and feel the same sun/When the winter comes, I’ll be the last to know”. This ironic song, with its killer guitar line, is about how you'll always love the lover whom you did wrong.

Oh my heck, this is becoming a Delboys fan journal! We need some David Cook right away. Here!

My friends page: “I know your name, I know your skin, I know the way these things begin”. From Suzanne Vega’s “Caramel” - “It won’t do to stir a deep desire, to fan a hidden fire that will never burn true”. Cool and lovely, with a slow bossa nova burn underneath – I love Suzanne’s voice, and the longing in this elegant, restrained song, and the love that I feel for all of you.
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Guys, I'm back! My International Woman of Mystery persona kicked butt et cetera overseas, and it's good to be back.

Here's a tiny music meme, from [ profile] clionona : 

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Clio gave me the letter 'L' and I promised Lire I wouldn't overlap with her list ;). (links go to Youtube.)

1: Leonard Cohen, Famous Blue Raincoat. Amazing old school songwriter and storyteller (whom Renata and her mom love!). Vintage vid of that "one more thin gypsy thief".
2: Luka: Suzanne Vega. Love this singer, love this song: "Yes, I think you've seen me before." Also, and totally cheating, also love her Left of Centre.
3: Love Rescue Me: U2 with BB King. Classic U2, with Bono kind of pompous and certainly glorious, pre-Zooification:"Here without a name, in the palace of my shame".
4: Little Lies: Fleetwood Mac, the classic version! And covered more recently (and somewhat more hotly) by David Cook and the BoUH. Hey, they can tell me lies any time!
5: Life: Our Lady Peace. Awesome vid, the fellas and the apropos Mandarin calligraphy graphics: "Life is waiting for you..."

Thanks for letting me play, Clio! Anyone else want to, feel free to reach out!


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