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Perpetually behind on everything, so it stands to reason I'm doing this 2011 Fic Recap in February 2012! Stolen from, like, everyone.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2011?

I did think I'd be writing in U2 fandom, thanks to the Concert That Rocked 360 Degrees, so that wasn't a surprise, but I didn't think I'd write a threesome in Guy Gavriel Kay fandom, so thanks, [ profile] lareinenoire :) I also didn't think I'd be writing breath control play, and it's all [ profile] fieryrogue's fault.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

I think 2011 felt like The Year of Risks. I dipped my toe in other fandoms: Inception/Inception RPF, U2 RPF, Duran Duran RPF, Lions of Al-Rassan. I wrote more kink - magic realism mpreg and strippers as well as breath-play. I wrote some explicit het! (I also wrote [ profile] paitac some ridiculous Justin Bieber self-insert fic...)

Various 2011 fic-related histories )

Choice Lines:

From Three Lions: There was nothing fraternal in the way ibn Khairan followed his hand with his lips, and Jehane bet Ishak slid from his lap into Belmonte's and put her physician's fingers into his hair and her cool mouth against his, and Rodrigo closed his arms around them both as if they might yet hold off the dark for a while, all three of them.

From The Grass Won't Pay No Mind: She's calling out to him, words he can't hear but can feel against his collarbone, his skin, the ink on his skin.

From Four Dreams: He sees the boy called Neil as a palimpsest over the adult Arthur - how Arthur has never shown more than an eyelid's flicker of desire, or moved in this loping, hip-swaying, provocative way. How Eames has never seen the bare, vulnerable flesh under the sharp grey tweed. But now Eames sees those things are there inside Arthur, just below the mysterious surface of this skin.

From Sew It Up: Edge paused by the threshold of their room, where the grey morning heralded storms up ahead, and more if they didn’t navigate this small, true thing very carefully.

“Go,” Edge said, and Bono sighed.

From In the Alleyway: Angel danced like Arch sang, free and unashamed, a million miles away from the teenager who'd taken his first dance lessons with Paula Abdul. As Arch took center stage, he wondered if Paula would approve of Angel's technique. He kind of thought she might, if the shock didn't kill her first.

From The Adventures of the Boy David and Captain Cook: The story said he was the boy who'd never grow up. The story said the Captain would always be his hated nemesis. But the story can't be true forever. Boys grow up, they become men, they fall in love, and love is just hate in reverse.

From Counting Down To Zero: Cook runs his fingers along David's cheekbone. The new scar on his wrist from where his TiMER was removed is raised and red and itches like crazy, but he knows he did the right thing.

He doesn't need a piece of clockwork to tell him what he already knows is true.
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Now [ profile] calledmelovely Cookleta remix challenge reveals are up, I wanted to try my hand at making a DVD commentary of Counting Down to Zero for [ profile] soverignthorn.

I’ve seen this kind of thing done really well before, and thought Kayla might enjoy seeing how (and which parts of) her original story Countdown inspired my remix; also that maybe my process might help someone else with remixing for Round 2?

(And, ngl, I hope my fellow remixers might indulge in DVD commentary also, because I would love to see their process as well! ETA: Okay, I think I sold [ profile] aohatsu on doing this! \\\o///)

[Spoilers, obviously, are inherent in any DVD commentary, so caveat lector XD.]

Behind the Countdown… )


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