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Finally, for [ profile] lareinenoire, and her threesome prompt.

Three Lions
Jehane/Rodrigo/Ammar, [R], 3,000+ words
Beta by [ profile] lindensphinx and [ profile] carmentalis
There were three of them, three lions, who had loved each other in Al-Rassan before the sun set.
Not for profit fictional work.

Over at AO3.

There were three; it was fitting that there were three. )
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Here I am, finally throwing my strangely-shaped hat into the large and illustrious Inception ring.

Title: Four Dreams
Beta: [ profile] frackin_sweet
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Cobb/Tom Hardy as Handsome Bob, Eames/JGL as Neil McCormack, Arthur/Ellen Page, Ariadne/Leonardo diCaprio; Saito/Cobb if you squint sideways
Warnings: Language, some violence, zombie apocalypse, crossovers
Summary: The team experiments with a new mix, which peels back a corner of the silver screen for four of them. Actors!AU, written for [ profile] au_bingo.
Disclaimer: Not for profit work of fiction. No libel, privacy or intellectual property infringements intended. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc, are the property of their respective owners, whether RPs or relevant media franchise. Plot and bizarro premise belongs to me.

Four Dreams, various pairings, 6,000+ words

The agenda for today is a dry run of the maze built for the Pinnacle project. Cobb has planned a quick walk-through of Ariadne's new dreamscape: in and out in an hour and a half in dreamtime. )

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Holiday Hangover Thing the Second: Yuletide, the time of greatest mirth and joyance among men, and also the time for writers to exchange fanfic gifts in rare fandoms (ranging from Goodnight Moon to Top Gear RPF to Terry Pratchett's Discworld) hosted on the Archive of Our Own. This was my first year participating, and I have [ profile] cincodemaygirl to thank for holding my hand and speaking very slowly and calmly when she talked me through the rules and offering and requesting and whatnot.

I might have been initially intimidated, but I had the best experience! I requested stories in Guy Gavriel Kay's Sarantine Mosiac and Lions of Al-Rassan fandoms, vintage Battlestar Galactica, and Gabriel Knight adventure game.

And I received the most incredible story:
What Lies in Books, by prolific profic writer russian_blue
Gabriel/Grace, Gabriel/von Glower, [Mature], 4,064 words.

This was the Gabriel Knight story I most desired when I signed up for Yuletide 2010, a story that discussed the relationship between Gabe and his nearest and dearest, that let us see how far Gabe had come, post-The Beast Within while staying true to his canon self. It has everything I loved about the game: a historical setting, an intricate plot that was the perfect framework to explore Gabe's hopes for Grace, his desires for Friedrich and the darkness within, and, at the heart of it, his own strengths and weaknesses. Oh, and cameo by Silvio Berlusconi :)

The reason didn't matter, only the result. He was learning to control it. Bit by bit, starting with the medallion, until he could touch it without screaming, as Friedrich had done. There had to be truth in the hunting club's philosophy, the notion that the beast within could be a source of strength. That he could master it, and not become a monster.

...Gabriel forced his lips into a smile. Ludwig had done it, the pansy-ass bastard, at least for a while; a Schattenjäger could surely do better.

In another corner of Yuletide, I wrote this Cook/Archie friendship fic:
Fairytales Can Come True, It Could Happen To You for [ profile] poppetawoppet
David Archuleta, David Cook, [Gen], various pairings, [PG-13], 11,110 words.
Davids Archuleta and Cook go to extremes with impossible schemes: life's more exciting for them with each passing day, with love either in their hearts, or - thanks to their own judicious plotting - on its way. All-singing, all-dating, multiple pairings, crossover with Country Music RPF and Kris Allen Band.

And I also wandered out to Bruce Springsteen fandom, to make this:
Cars & Girls for [personal profile] twistedchick
From Springsteen's Born to Run (album), various pairings, [PG-13], 767 words.
Life's a highway: these two lanes can take us anywhere. Three stories about cars and girls.

Sending much love to my Yulegoat, my gracious recipients and betas [ profile] frackin_sweet, [ profile] cincodemaygirl and [ profile] likeadeuce!

Various other amazing Yuletide stories which I think my non-Yuletiding f-listers might enjoy: Hunger Games, Discworld, Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Pundit RPF, Kris Allen Band )

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Finally getting down to holiday commitments. Thing the First: happy holidays, [ profile] bethbetter! I hope you like this, and forgive my dancing metaphors! Title and text reflect lyrics from, well, you know the song.

And she dances on the sand
John Taylor/OFC, PG-13, 1,100+ words
Not for profit. Total fiction.


Image copyright Getty Images, 1983

She was born to the islands, to sun and sand and the wide ocean. She'd grow up to live in the city, amongst buildings and books, but the islands would never leave her heart. )


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