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Now [ profile] calledmelovely Cookleta remix challenge reveals are up, I wanted to try my hand at making a DVD commentary of Counting Down to Zero for [ profile] soverignthorn.

I’ve seen this kind of thing done really well before, and thought Kayla might enjoy seeing how (and which parts of) her original story Countdown inspired my remix; also that maybe my process might help someone else with remixing for Round 2?

(And, ngl, I hope my fellow remixers might indulge in DVD commentary also, because I would love to see their process as well! ETA: Okay, I think I sold [ profile] aohatsu on doing this! \\\o///)

[Spoilers, obviously, are inherent in any DVD commentary, so caveat lector XD.]

Behind the Countdown… )
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I shouldn't be here; I'm gearing up for weekends and weeks of work and more work. But, oh, fandom is beguiling me with roaring fireplaces and wine, holding my hands and harmonising with me and exhorting me to stay :)

Case in point: how utterly charming is GLEE's Chris Colfer/Darren Criss, and this Doris Day/Dean Martin duet? SO CHARMING. Cute and coy, winsome and winning, the sidelong glances from Kurt and the full-on gallantry from Blaine, the old-school flirty sidestepping-around-each-other cheoreography, everything about this ♥

I gotta get home, say, lend me your comb (oh baby, you'll freeze out there)... )

...okay, fandom, well, maybe half a drink more - I wish I knew how to break this spell (your hair looks swell) :)

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...only to be with you, only to be with you...

As some of you know, I’d headed out to Melbourne this last week, only to be with U2 and the 360 Degree Tour. The concert was amazing, you guys; I know nobody but Beth and Julia and Clio will care, but this 3,000-word concert recap is for me to hold to my U2-loving and Bono/Edge-shipping heart when I’m cold and in need of something to warm me ;)

I got to watch the Zoo TV Tour when I was barely out of my teens, when the lads were young and vital and at (IMO) music’s cutting edge – they immersed themselves in mass media, music sampling and electronica, and the whole stadium rock performance art experience, all big screens and pirate radio stations run out of Trabants, with absurd smash visuals and deliberate sensory overload like Baz Lurhmann on acid – it was an amazing, life-changing trip. (Producer Nellee Hooper famously told Bono that Zoo TV "ruined irony for everyone", and OMG did it ever.)

Over the years the lads changed, but always stayed relevant, always current, always larger-than-life. You loved them for their focus on the world's issues or hated them for their pompous grandiosity, but you’d have to acknowledge they became the biggest rock band in the world. I was keen to see how they’d stack up now I’m in my thirties and the lads are that much older...and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have run, I have crawled, I have scaled these city walls...only to be with you )
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…and now at least I know I know him well…

Hi, f-list! Check out the awesome new layout which the amazingly talented [ profile] ciudad made for me! I was really excited to win her services for [ profile] help_haiti, and she is not only gifted but a real sweetheart (she also provides tech support!). In addition, she’s gonna make me a surprise thing – how is that not sheer win? *dances around*

Thank you so much, my dear! XDD (She wants me to credit [ profile] the_fulcrum for the style sheet, and viola!)

Separately, I do realize this LJ has been pretty much all American Idol all the time, but I actually do enjoy several other fandoms, including that of the original good Doctor (not you, Tiemann). While Eleven does intrigue me, and I have actually always loved Eccleston, my favorite Dr. is the delectable Ten, played by a David! Tennant’s older than our beloved Dave Cook, but as gorgeous, even more articulate, elegant, and at the same a time total geek. He might not have the Cookster’s guitar-playing biceps, but he is as utterly shag-worthy, ahem.

Who/Torchwood and Barrowman/Tennant squealing, contd, which not-so-subtly builds to my conclusion, yo. )

Finally: ah, David, David – Archuleta, not Cook or Tennant, and a much younger, less sophisticated and more conservatively religious one. Still love him, and I think he needs love and support – certainly not validation, but not condemnation, either. (Of course people do feel disappointed, and worse, and with good reason.) I am just saying: my wish is for him to grow from the kind, considerate, generous (sheltered, rigidly brought up) teen that he is into the strong, loving and accepting man we know he can be. Okay, that's all.
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"They said: you better hold on to what you got..."

This week, David Cook packed his guitar and his lead guitarist and traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with the UN Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of girls' education, for a special episode of IDOL GIVES BACK to be aired on April 21st.

My various thoughts:

01: How fine is he? Seriously.

Cut for pics, squeeing and a minor rant about reporters and women's rights. )
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...Stick that whole damn thing right through me, right? Right?

Because, goddamn, the Midwest Kings play the Flytrap Music Hall in Tulsa was, from all accounts, an epic, fantastic concert, bar none.

I'm gutted I couldn't be there, of course, to gaze at Neal Tiemann strutting his bad stuff first-hand, and watch frontman Andy Skib toss his inky bangs and showcase vocals that have matured like a phenomenal Merlot. The Peekster was in as fine form as ever, and I didn't know how much I missed Joey until I saw that flying blond mop and ridiculous grin and the singing he did on "Til I'm Blue".

And there was that rhythm guitarist, whose backing vocals were pure and clear despite the bass distortion, harmonizing with and emphasizing the melody. Where they had time to rehearse together, with their crazy schedules, I have no idea. Love them, though.

Here they are on "Vera" and "One True Thing":

How many lives til another you? )

More vids from the always amazing [ profile] zoe_angel_bear, over at her new place.

Okay, enough archival pseudo-music blather from me.
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* Happy Nov birthdays to my co-conspirator [ profile] maimiejay, and mega-Arch stan [ profile] honeybeemmw - blue skies and sunshine always, my dears! This ficlet is for you.

* It's also for darling [ profile] mellowdee, who agesago (in the original DC post of epic in August!) requested more domesticfic, and [ profile] otherbella, fantastic Moddess supreme XD.

* And finally for [ profile] lirecasander, who could do with some sunny skies, and love.

Title: The Sun in His Jealous Sky
Pairing: David/David
Rating: PG, domestic fluff, babies. Unbetaed.
A/N: From AIRN 'verse, circa 2020. Inspired by Arch’s recent rendition of Eva Cassidy - this is his field of gold.

Not-for-profit work of fiction; do not own Davids, no libel intended. Will remove upon valid cease and desist notice.

You can tell the sun in his jealous sky... )
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…So many lessons to learn...?

This is the clarifying LJ meme, which everyone else (most recently, um, [ profile] epicflailer?) has done. I am doing this at the insistence of [ profile] fakeplasticsnow, who has since clarified her name is “Fake Plastic Snow” (from the Radiohead song, and the title of her favorite Ugly Betty episode), as opposed to “Fake Plastics Now” (a homage to fake resins, nylons and other polymers, or a slogan for the same). Good to know that, bb.

My username: Jehane18. Jehane is the female protagonist from The Lions of Al-Rassan, a historical fantasy novel by Guy Gavriel Kay set in Moorish Spain. I loved this beautifully written book, and I identified so much with Jehane: smart, principled and passionate. Read an extract here.

My profile name:International Woman of Mystery! This ass-kicking persona was born one day when we decided to form a superspy group, the Girls of Ultimate Hotness (“GoUH”). The other GoUH members were [ profile] lire_casander’s persona Sarcastic Journalist from Heck, and [ profile] motherendurance, the Fabulous Girl Sleuth. We’re still taking members, so feel free to pick a superspy persona and sign up ;)

My journal title: Grounded Here With You. From “Be My Downfall”, by the awesome, ageless Del Amitri.

“Be my downfall be my sweet regret
Be the one thing that I'd never forget
Be my undoing, be my slow road to ruin, tonight

Well, the bus is pulling out, and I’m grounded here with you
And I want to say the sweet things babe I always wanted to
So tell me now the tail-lights have gone out of sight
Baby won’t you be my downfall once again tonight”

This was the song which played when I fell in love with Hub, and will always be the song of my heart, and when I heard it sung to me by the phenomenal [ profile] frackin_sweet in her epic story “Patron Saints”, I knew somehow that she density. ILUBB ♥!

Original song here, circa 1992; and then again, the boys older, wiser, more full of time, a decade or so on. New version includes a lovely version of "Drowned on Dry Land".

When your world is full of strangers, when your nights are dark and dangerous,
there's a place where you can hang and just let it go.
When your eyes see only sorrow, and your life seems somehow borrowed,
and those long promised tomorrows never show.

Well, come on down we're waiting for you;
We got a special evening planned.
We're gonna push the boat out or you might get drowned on dry land.

My journal subtitle: ...though we share the same city, and feel the same sun.... Another Del Amitri song, "Always the Last To Know" “Though we share the same city, and feel the same sun/When the winter comes, I’ll be the last to know”. This ironic song, with its killer guitar line, is about how you'll always love the lover whom you did wrong.

Oh my heck, this is becoming a Delboys fan journal! We need some David Cook right away. Here!

My friends page: “I know your name, I know your skin, I know the way these things begin”. From Suzanne Vega’s “Caramel” - “It won’t do to stir a deep desire, to fan a hidden fire that will never burn true”. Cool and lovely, with a slow bossa nova burn underneath – I love Suzanne’s voice, and the longing in this elegant, restrained song, and the love that I feel for all of you.
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And, the continuation of my responses to [ profile] motherendurance's Awesome Interview of Win. I've been having entirely too much fun, answering this - which surprises me, as I'm really somewhat reserved and formal IRL. 

(Sings: "...Find/one song/One last refrain/Glory/From the pretty boy front man/Who wasted opportunity...")


5. What led you to Cookleta slash in particular? How did you decide to look for it? Or did you stumble on the pairing? Enquiring minds want to know!


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