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Post: I really can't stay, I've got to go away (baby, it's cold outside)

I shouldn't be here; I'm gearing up for weekends and weeks of work and more work. But, oh, fandom is beguiling me with roaring fireplaces and wine, holding my hands and harmonising with me and exhorting me to stay :)

Case in point: how utterly charming is GLEE's Chris Colfer/Darren Criss, and this Doris Day/Dean Martin duet? SO CHARMING. Cute and coy, winsome and winning, the sidelong glances from Kurt and the full-on gallantry from Blaine, the old-school flirty sidestepping-around-each-other cheoreography, everything about this ♥

Of course, the fella I really love from GLEE is Matt Morrison, who's charming enough to convince me to leave with him on a jet plane, even. He's terrific on the duet/mash-ups that GLEE does so well, Umbrella/Singing in the Rain (with Gwyneth) and the brilliant Young Girl/Don't Stand So Close to Me. Here he is, trying on Les Miserables' "Bring Him Home" - excellently, though he's still a little young for the role (IMO he's a better fit for Enjolras), and takes this one octave down from the unnatural tenor of the original.

Speaking of musicals, I have always adored Archuleta's Backstreet Boys-esque take on Phantom of the Opera staple heavweight "Think of Me", and how he was the perfect channel for Christine's 17-year-old wide-eyed innocence.


...okay, fandom, well, maybe half a drink more - I wish I knew how to break this spell (your hair looks swell) :)

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