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Holiday Overdue Thing the Fourth: American Idol Season 7 fandom exchange fic!

This year I wrote two, for [ profile] cookleta_hols and [ profile] cookleta_etc's 2010 holiday exchanges, and received two in turn!

These are the ones I made:

lower than the angels, for [ profile] musicboxgirl
Betas [ profile] sophie448 and [ profile] x_heterophobic
Cook/Archuleta, Archie/OMC, [NC-17] for angst, homophobia, religious themes, supporting character death, 7,000+ words. David knew angels watched over him. One angel, in particular. Wingfic, de-aged ageswap.

Worlds of Chances for [ profile] summerstorm
Betas [ profile] empressearwig and [ profile] foxtoast
David Cook/Carrie Underwood, Michael Johns/Carly Smithson; [R] for brief references to sex toys, 9,000+ words. Lawyer, escort, undercover detectives!AUs.

write me goodbye )call me someday/breaking me slowly )fallen off the edge again )chances you’re burning through )

And these were the awesome ones I received:

And So This is Christmas, by [ profile] fieryrogue
Cook/Archie, [PG], 3,000+ words. Sometimes it's a "hurry up and wait" kind of day.

The Davids in an airport at Christmas. Schmoop and guitars and realism, three of my favorite things. ♥ ♥ ♥

at twice the speed (of you and me), by [ profile] summerstorm
David Cook/Carrie Underwood, [R], 7,000+ words
"You're thinking too hard," David says beside her. They're waiting backstage for their cue to come out; he's supposed to introduce her, and she's supposed to go out there, perform, and then kiss him in front of the entire audience. Kiss him on the mouth. And make it look like an accident.

This is the perfect fake-dating Cookwood fic, and clearly Lix and I were channelling each other's Cookwood stories, down to our means of disposal of a certain Mr. Fisher, which thrills me to no end! And her Carrie voice is just to die for ♥

Bonus awesome Marysue ficlet by [ profile] epicflailer,
Joe Gordon-Levitt/me, [PG]. Joe takes Jay to "A Little Night Music".

There's just no excuse for me asking Nat to make me JGL/me Marysuefic, but Nat decided to indulge me, as it was Christmas. FLAILINGPICSPAMNESS ENSUES.

THANK YOU GUYS! I'm sorry I've been so remiss in my pimping; I hope you know how much I adore these stories, and you!

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Holiday Hangover Thing the Second: Yuletide, the time of greatest mirth and joyance among men, and also the time for writers to exchange fanfic gifts in rare fandoms (ranging from Goodnight Moon to Top Gear RPF to Terry Pratchett's Discworld) hosted on the Archive of Our Own. This was my first year participating, and I have [ profile] cincodemaygirl to thank for holding my hand and speaking very slowly and calmly when she talked me through the rules and offering and requesting and whatnot.

I might have been initially intimidated, but I had the best experience! I requested stories in Guy Gavriel Kay's Sarantine Mosiac and Lions of Al-Rassan fandoms, vintage Battlestar Galactica, and Gabriel Knight adventure game.

And I received the most incredible story:
What Lies in Books, by prolific profic writer russian_blue
Gabriel/Grace, Gabriel/von Glower, [Mature], 4,064 words.

This was the Gabriel Knight story I most desired when I signed up for Yuletide 2010, a story that discussed the relationship between Gabe and his nearest and dearest, that let us see how far Gabe had come, post-The Beast Within while staying true to his canon self. It has everything I loved about the game: a historical setting, an intricate plot that was the perfect framework to explore Gabe's hopes for Grace, his desires for Friedrich and the darkness within, and, at the heart of it, his own strengths and weaknesses. Oh, and cameo by Silvio Berlusconi :)

The reason didn't matter, only the result. He was learning to control it. Bit by bit, starting with the medallion, until he could touch it without screaming, as Friedrich had done. There had to be truth in the hunting club's philosophy, the notion that the beast within could be a source of strength. That he could master it, and not become a monster.

...Gabriel forced his lips into a smile. Ludwig had done it, the pansy-ass bastard, at least for a while; a Schattenjäger could surely do better.

In another corner of Yuletide, I wrote this Cook/Archie friendship fic:
Fairytales Can Come True, It Could Happen To You for [ profile] poppetawoppet
David Archuleta, David Cook, [Gen], various pairings, [PG-13], 11,110 words.
Davids Archuleta and Cook go to extremes with impossible schemes: life's more exciting for them with each passing day, with love either in their hearts, or - thanks to their own judicious plotting - on its way. All-singing, all-dating, multiple pairings, crossover with Country Music RPF and Kris Allen Band.

And I also wandered out to Bruce Springsteen fandom, to make this:
Cars & Girls for [personal profile] twistedchick
From Springsteen's Born to Run (album), various pairings, [PG-13], 767 words.
Life's a highway: these two lanes can take us anywhere. Three stories about cars and girls.

Sending much love to my Yulegoat, my gracious recipients and betas [ profile] frackin_sweet, [ profile] cincodemaygirl and [ profile] likeadeuce!

Various other amazing Yuletide stories which I think my non-Yuletiding f-listers might enjoy: Hunger Games, Discworld, Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Pundit RPF, Kris Allen Band )

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Finally getting down to holiday commitments. Thing the First: happy holidays, [ profile] bethbetter! I hope you like this, and forgive my dancing metaphors! Title and text reflect lyrics from, well, you know the song.

And she dances on the sand
John Taylor/OFC, PG-13, 1,100+ words
Not for profit. Total fiction.


Image copyright Getty Images, 1983

She was born to the islands, to sun and sand and the wide ocean. She'd grow up to live in the city, amongst buildings and books, but the islands would never leave her heart. )
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...ours is a stormy kind of love.

Don't mind me, guys, I still haven't come down from my U2 kick and rediscovered adoration of the lads.

So I'm totally shipping B and the Edge, but HOW CUTE ARE B and his wife of 28 years, Ali? It seems he forgot her birthday in 1987 while in the recording studio, and he gave her this song, The Sweetest Thing, as an apology gift.

AND HOW ADORABLE IS THIS vid for "The Sweetest Thing"? It features Bono taking Ali on a carriage ride along Fitzwilliam Place and Fitzwilliam Street in Dublin. Along the way, he enlists the help of various performers and friends in an effort to apologize to her, including Boyzone (!!!), Riverdance and the Chippendales, together with the other U2 lads. OMHADORABLENESSWATCH. ([ profile] duckgirlie, I assume these streets are familiar to you...)

BECAUSE NOTHING SAYS SORRY LIKE AN ELEPHANT WITH A SIGN THAT SAYS "SORRY". (And a fire truck full of hunky gyrating semi-naked men.) HAHAHAHAHA.

Other U2-relatedly, I've been mainlining "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" post Two Roads Meet. Here's is the acoustic version of the song from the Bono and the Edge show in the San Remo (I am getting to the slash, slowly!). Here, they pair it with "All I Want Is You" - if you skip past the first minute or so of Bono's passable Italian (and message to Italian policitos), the double bill is just ridiculously gorgeous, and you only get backing vox like that when you've 30 years of touring together (though I've every confidence Dave and Andy will get there).

Okay, okay, I'll be quiet now and slink back to the U2 slash ;)
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...only to be with you, only to be with you...

As some of you know, I’d headed out to Melbourne this last week, only to be with U2 and the 360 Degree Tour. The concert was amazing, you guys; I know nobody but Beth and Julia and Clio will care, but this 3,000-word concert recap is for me to hold to my U2-loving and Bono/Edge-shipping heart when I’m cold and in need of something to warm me ;)

I got to watch the Zoo TV Tour when I was barely out of my teens, when the lads were young and vital and at (IMO) music’s cutting edge – they immersed themselves in mass media, music sampling and electronica, and the whole stadium rock performance art experience, all big screens and pirate radio stations run out of Trabants, with absurd smash visuals and deliberate sensory overload like Baz Lurhmann on acid – it was an amazing, life-changing trip. (Producer Nellee Hooper famously told Bono that Zoo TV "ruined irony for everyone", and OMG did it ever.)

Over the years the lads changed, but always stayed relevant, always current, always larger-than-life. You loved them for their focus on the world's issues or hated them for their pompous grandiosity, but you’d have to acknowledge they became the biggest rock band in the world. I was keen to see how they’d stack up now I’m in my thirties and the lads are that much older...and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have run, I have crawled, I have scaled these city walls...only to be with you )
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Dear Yuletide author,

I'm new to the glories of Yuletide and internet fandom, but I've amassed many fannish yearnings over my thirtysomething years and am so excited to be able to give some of them voice ;)

So, if we've been matched on one of my requests, please be assured of this: I will adore anything you write for me. I've been carrying these fandoms in my heart for years and years, and I am just grateful you are willing to write one of these fandoms and characters for me. I’m a diehard shipper, so I’ve left suggestions of that nature in this letter, which you should feel free to ignore, as I will equally love the gen/friendship fic you make for me!

Thank you so much!
Guy Gavriel Kay’s Lions of Al-Rassan and Sarantine Mosaic, Gabriel Knight (computer game), Battlestar Galactica (1978) )

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For [ profile] james_padfoot, from the [ profile] cookleta roundtable:

Anthemicronicon: The Age of Conflict
Skib/Tiemann, Cook/Archuleta, [PG-13 for violence], 4,000+ words.

Character bookmarks by my amazing [ profile] au_bigbang collaborator, [ profile] clover71.

Alternate ending to Edwardian steampunk A.I./H.P. Lovecraft crossover [ profile] au_bigbang story, Anthemicronicon: Book of the Ages. Old fashioned medical treatment, Alternate History: Major Historical Event Changed.

Betaed by fount-of-Skibmann knowledge [ profile] celtic_fish; consult by my redoubtable [ profile] frackin_sweet
Not for profit work of fiction. Original sources and full disclaimer here.

The Age of Conflict

Andrew Skib, Third of the Anthemic, crossed the courtyard of House Nineteen at a rapid clip. Under his arm he bore the morning's copy of the York City Times with its alarming headlines. )

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So, this is the funniest damn thing - Ensign Mary Amethys Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue and her beagle puppy enter the Trek rebootverse! How will the Enterprise survive?

(Please note, however, that even Ensign Sue can't stop The Slash :))

Pot Luck Comics - Ensign Sue Must Die! Site contents, characters, and all-related material ™ and © Interrobang Studios.
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A year ago, someone wrote me a comment that rebooted my world. Six months ago, someone wrote me a story which I treasured more that diamonds and pearls and cute little Pokemans. It’s my turn, now. [ profile] frackin_sweet: thank you for “Wheels”, for Lily, for the gift of your friendship. The age you are, every year? Is the perfect age for you. ♥.

Also for my [ profile] quack - I hope you have the best day, sweetness.

There’s Another Round for You
Neal Tiemann/Lin Palmer, [PG-13]. Prequel to Wishing That Such Heights Were Lower.
Amazing, insightful betas [ profile] imlikat & [ profile] otherbella. 3,000+ words.
Life on the road makes it hard to hold on to anything - but there might just be another round for two like-minded souls.
For [community profile] hc_bingo and [profile] schmoop_bingo : burns, cuddling by the fireside

Not for profit work of fiction. Neal Tiemann and David Cook belong to themselves; no libel or privacy violations intended. OFC and other AIRN characters belong to me. Title is from "Wheels", by the Foo Fighters, 2009. Fair use asserted. “Well I wanted something better; I wished for something new/Yeah, I wanted something beautiful, I wished for something true...
When the wheels come down (When the wheels come down)/When the wheels touch ground (When the wheels touch ground)/And you feel like it's all over/There's another round for you.”

Four months later, in Sao Paolo, she watched something else catch fire. )

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Two posting days in a row is unusual for me, but then I saw the pics from which [ profile] mitsurudemon posted, from Archie's Independence Day concert rehearsals at Capitol Hill.

Is that our boy, over whose (lean, tousled) ramparts those broad stripes and bright stars never looked so attractive? There's that brilliant, gleeful smile we all recognize, his unfettered excitement in singing for his nation on the 4th of July.

More Independence Day pictures and bad Star-Spangled puns )

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Happy Fourth of July to my U.S.-based (or displaced) f-listers!

And, since nothing says patriotic Independence Day like tentacles and the pre-WW1 Gilded Age, look at what more my [community profile] help_haiti bid has purchased of [ profile] ciudad's services!

In full and final settlement thereof, she made me two amazing pulpy trade paperback cover designs in the style of m.s. corley, for my Anthemic-meets-H.P. Lovecraft 1900s steampunk AU stories, Anthemicronicon: the Age of Music and Anthemicronicon: Book of the Ages.

Aren't they gorgeous, isn't [ profile] ciudad talented, and aren't I a lucky, lucky girl? She even got the Lovecrafty tentacles and the guitar ♥ ♥ ♥!

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"Just hold me now and let it be; shelter me, comfort me..."

...Also known as, guess who's signed up for [community profile] hc_bingo?

I'd ask someone to write me Valjean/Javert (♥), but I might write some myself if I get a suitable [community profile] au_bingo prompt :)

ETA: Blackout!

"This rain...will wash away what's past/And you will hold me safe, and you will hold me close - I'll sleep in your embrace, at laaaaaaaast..."

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" love (my love, my love), my...endless...loooooove."

Everyone's doing it, and I may have been a bad influence on others with it, so I figured I should just should open the floodgates at Grounded Here With You and let the Fluffy Rainbow Fairies of Romance out to play!

Also, since I might be shamelessly writing somebody's mpreg (with bunnies!), I've obviously lost all sense of shame. The cheesiness will now stream forth, ahem.

ETA: Blackout!

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Title: (Wishing) That Such Heights Were Lower
Beta: My smart, geographically astute and always insightful [ profile] otherbella
Pairing: Neal Tiemann/OFC, past Neal/Andrew Cook, past Cook/Archuleta
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for adult themes and substance abuse references.
Summary: On 20 December 2015, Neal gets word that his best friend needs him. From All I Really Need is You, Part 9.
Dedication: For [ profile] lire_casander. Happy birthday, darling. You asked me for this part of AIRN from Neal’s perspective, ages ago – I hope I did him justice. I love you and I love that you’re happy. I want all your dreams to come true.
Also for my [ profile] frackin_sweet - when I imagined Neal’s kickass Lin, I saw a blend of Kara Thrace and you, because you’re just that awesome!

Not-for-profit work of fiction, no libel or intellectual property violations intended. Will remove without prejudice if cease and desist validly issued. All publicly recognizable characters belong to themselves; Neal’s new puppy and OFC belongs to me ♥. Title taken from MWK song “Anodyne”, awesomely, seamlessly written by Neal and Dave, which I may have been listening to on repeat as I wrote this.

(Wishing) That Such Heights Were Lower
[Neal Tiemann, David Cook], [PG-13], 3,500+ words

On Cook’s thirty-third birthday, Neal fucking Tiemann showed up unannounced at the rehab institute, pierced and tattooed and wearing what looked like the ugliest parka in the entire world. )
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Here squeaking in under deadline with this week’s [ profile] ficforhope prompt!

Pairing:Cook/Underwood, Cook/Anthemic, Cook/Archuleta
Rating/Warnings: Unbetaed, [PG] to [mild R]
Summary: Three races, three loves, three times Cook runs the Race for Hope.
Dedication: For [ profile] leici and [ profile] likealocket, for running this challenge, and, as always my sponsor [ profile] ssdimes.
Not-for-profit work of fiction, no libel or intellectual property violations intended. Real persons referenced belong to themselves. Will remove without prejudice if cease and desist validly issued.

Race for Hope, Washington DC, Freedom Plaza is a 5K walk/run with the goal of raising $1.5 million to fund innovative brain tumor research and support for families affected by this devastating disease. Proceeds benefit two not-for-profit organizations, the Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure.

A reminder of how DCook run the race last year: self-deprecating wit, humor, sheer courage. ILH so much.


First Race: You gotta run to win and not be hung up on the time
(Cook/Carrie Underwood), [PG], 1,319 words
“You know, if you’d been up for singing at IGB we coulda done another duet.“ )

Second Race: Something’s right when you run too far, can’t you see
(Cook/Neal/Andy), (Cook/Anthemic), mild [R] for allusions to m/m sex, 1,285 words
“We need something to distract him,” Neal had said. )

Third Race: Out there running straight to me
(Cook/Archuleta), [PG], 1,310 words
Cook wasn't sure what Archie had in mind when he'd asked to run the Race for Hope with him.  )

ETA: The multi-talented [ profile] likealocket made a podfic of this story! Download her podfic here, and if you liked her lovely voice and flawless delivery, be sure to let her know!
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…and now at least I know I know him well…

Hi, f-list! Check out the awesome new layout which the amazingly talented [ profile] ciudad made for me! I was really excited to win her services for [ profile] help_haiti, and she is not only gifted but a real sweetheart (she also provides tech support!). In addition, she’s gonna make me a surprise thing – how is that not sheer win? *dances around*

Thank you so much, my dear! XDD (She wants me to credit [ profile] the_fulcrum for the style sheet, and viola!)

Separately, I do realize this LJ has been pretty much all American Idol all the time, but I actually do enjoy several other fandoms, including that of the original good Doctor (not you, Tiemann). While Eleven does intrigue me, and I have actually always loved Eccleston, my favorite Dr. is the delectable Ten, played by a David! Tennant’s older than our beloved Dave Cook, but as gorgeous, even more articulate, elegant, and at the same a time total geek. He might not have the Cookster’s guitar-playing biceps, but he is as utterly shag-worthy, ahem.

Who/Torchwood and Barrowman/Tennant squealing, contd, which not-so-subtly builds to my conclusion, yo. )

Finally: ah, David, David – Archuleta, not Cook or Tennant, and a much younger, less sophisticated and more conservatively religious one. Still love him, and I think he needs love and support – certainly not validation, but not condemnation, either. (Of course people do feel disappointed, and worse, and with good reason.) I am just saying: my wish is for him to grow from the kind, considerate, generous (sheltered, rigidly brought up) teen that he is into the strong, loving and accepting man we know he can be. Okay, that's all.
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So, one day last year, I met a couple of fierce and fabulous ladies. One thing led to another, and somehow we ended up writing evil self-insert tales of us arresting the Anthemic, in one of the best nights of my LJ life.

[ profile] princessleia04, you are a bad influence, in the best of ways! (You too, [ profile] otherbella!)

Dearest Sarah, I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are, and that you enjoy this little gift before you head off on your long weekend. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and your support. ILU <3

Title: Songs of Coherence, and Moving On
Pairing: Tiemann/Skib
Rating: [G] to [R], Gen to explicit m/m slash
Beta: The amazingcakes [ profile] annie2791. Thank you for all your help, my dear! All errors remain mine.
Summary: Seven Skibmann vignettes based on the virtuoso Incoherent With Desire to Move On
Dedication: For [ profile] princessleia04. My dear, you’ve been so patient, putting up with months on end of a pairing which you don’t ship! I hope this is some form of payoff. Hope you have the happiest birthday!
A/N: Skibmann details taken from Photos from [ profile] honestys_easy’s awesome Skibmann primer. Continuity/fact-checking/Southern-speech pattern assistance by [ profile] annie2791 <3

Not for profit work of fiction. Fair use of lyrics asserted. Real characters referenced in fic belong to themselves. No libel or breach of privacy intended. Will remove without prejudice if a valid cease and desist is issued.

Songs of Coherence, and Moving On
Tiemann/Skib, [G] to [R], 3414 words

View From the Front/Everything You Thought You Knew/ Song to Whoever/Killing Time/Circles/One Thing )
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It seems [ profile] cookleta is officially two years old this April!

In celebration of this momentous event:

* Arch shows up in L.A. to perform "Imagine" on the Season Nine Top 9 Results Show, Cook tweets him about meeting up, and fandom explodes.

ETA: The boys in fact meet at some restaurant with a picture of a matador in it! Plus chaperones Drew Cook and Brooke White, who look in rather fine fettle! Photographic evidence appended.

* The annual fic train extravaganza makes its appearance! This is my first fic train, and I seem to have kind of worn out my welcome, committing a quantity of fic of varying quality:

01: Discussion, Decision, Cook and Arch reunite after Cook's Idol Gives Back trip to Addis Ababa, [PG]
02: Table A Deux, Part Un et Deux, Public sex involving coming in pants, [R] (which likely owes much to [ profile] frackin_sweet's Don't Keep Your Hands To Yourself. Sorry, babe, I am kinda derivative, but I credit!)
03: Applesauce 2 Happy domestic babyfic, [PG]
04: Un, Deux, Trois Three conversations that can only be had in the dark, [PG] to [R]
05: A Fighter By His Trade Cook as a boxer, Arch as Marisa Tomei [PG-13]
06: X-Men Cookleta Where David has superstrength, and Cook has claws, [PG]
07: Arms of the angel BtVS!Cookleta: Cook watches Archie sleep, [PG]

All comment ficlets not for profit works of fiction. Real persons depicted belong to themselves. No libel or breaches of privacy intended. Will remove on without prejudice basis if valid cease and desist is received.

People awesomely fill my fic requests! See Sex toys by [ profile] orochi_kitty and again by [ profile] cerrad / Middle Aged Cookleta by [ profile] soverignthorn / Foreign Language Cookleta by [ profile] pretendhappyend / S&M Cookleta with Cook as sub by [ profile] odi_et_amo53. (Pls to read warnings on individual stories.)

Also: there are puppies by [ profile] cincodemaygirl, desert island fic by [ profile] epicflailer, and [ profile] ciudad writes her first NC-17 ficlet (which she blames on ice skating - a likely story)!

Hijinks ensuing as we speak - everyone should totally go check it out ♥.
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"They said: you better hold on to what you got..."

This week, David Cook packed his guitar and his lead guitarist and traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with the UN Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of girls' education, for a special episode of IDOL GIVES BACK to be aired on April 21st.

My various thoughts:

01: How fine is he? Seriously.

Cut for pics, squeeing and a minor rant about reporters and women's rights. )
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This story was the joint winner of the [ profile] cookleta_hols Post Valentine Jittery Challenge 2010, organized by the lovely [ profile] lire_casander!

The challenge gave rise to all sots of amazing fic, including this one by my awesome co-winner [ profile] leici, one of the very best Anthemic writers out there, bar none ♥!

You might know I usually fail at short, so this under-1,000 word challenge, based on the prompt “Answer”, was certainly challenging! I was ridiculously pleased with the end product, though.


Cook/Archuleta. PG-13. 979 words. Beta by [ profile] frackin_sweet.
The most important questions can’t be answered right away.

"What's the story behind your new tattoo?"
David Cook doesn't answer. ("I gotta keep some secrets from you guys.")

Not-for-profit work of fiction, no libel or copyright infringement intended. Cook and Archuleta belong to themselves; plot belongs to me. Picture of Cook’s “14” tattoo courtesy of [ profile] zoe_angel_bear, reproduced with permission.


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